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How to incorporate intentional musical experiences into your care

Professionals that work with and care for older adults have been faced with endless challenges and adversities since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our mission at Keynote Music Therapy is to support the well-being of our clients AND their caregivers- that means YOU... life enrichment directors, direct care staff, nurses, and more!

Can we give you a meaningful idea to incorporate into your daily work with elders? We hope this empowers you to connect with your residents, brighten their moods, and allow them to be more welcoming to your care.

Next time you turn on the music for your residents or clients...

-Turn on a playlist of music from the years they were in their 20's (Spotify and Pandora are great resources)

-Notice their body language (are they more alert, perhaps calmer or more at ease?)

-Ask simple, open-ended questions about the music or about musicians to spark conversation or reminiscence

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