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Keynote Keepsake

Be the Keynote speaker of your life. 

Everyone has a story. Celebrate your special moments with a Keynote Keepsake creation. Let our skilled music therapists work with you to design a tangible, living creation you can give to your friends and family.


The Product

Keepsake projects may include:

  • Songwriting: original or adapted compositions

  • Audio/video recordings

  • Photo Slideshows

  • Album creation with personal art 

  • Your own creative ideas!

Therapeutic Benefits

Keynote Keepsakes benefit you by:

  • Creating an opportunity for self-reflection and life review

  • Designing a memento to give to your loved one

  • Building confidence through accessing your creative side



Keepsake Occasions

Keepsake Occasions may include:

  • Anniversaries

  • Funerals

  • Birthdays

  • Holidays

  • Pandemic Isolation 

  • End of Life

  • ...and more!

Ready to get started?

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