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MUSICAL MEMORIES: Why they "stick" in our brains

When you hear a song and are transported back to the time you first heard it, the people you were with, and the feelings you had.

When you see someone with Alzheimer's singing along to their favorite song.

When you can play a song on an instrument you haven't picked up in awhile.

Although these moments might feel magical or unexplainable, we have our brains to thank- one of the specific areas being the hippocampus.

“Music may increase neurogenesis in the hippocampus, allowing production of new neurons and improving memory,” (University of Central Florida)

This means that music has the power to impact the neurology of the hippocampus, especially for those with memory conditions. Check out the amazing video above of one of our clients who continues to share his musical skills and abilities, despite living with dementia.

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