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  • Anna Klode, MT-BC

Music Monopoly

music monopoly gameboard

I enjoy turning existing games into musical versions of the original. In the past I have done Music Jeopardy, Music Candy Land, and Music Connect Four. This week I created my favorite one

yet: Music Monopoly. This is a great intervention to work on: socialization, fine motor skills, and memory recall.

For the game board, I used a giant white board and taped up a total of 20 notecards around the perimeter for the spaces. Each side of the board had a different theme. This week I chose Instruments for the top of the board (clarinet, bag pipes, and ukulele), Music Destinations for the right side (Graceland, Radio City Music Hall, and The Grand Ole Opry), US Cities for the bottom (Kansas City, Sioux City, and New York City), and Musicals for the left side (Oklahoma, The King and I, and The Sound of Music).

Behind each notecard I had written a music trivia question and song associated with the card. The four corners of my board were START, Random Song, Random Music Trivia, and Free Space.

As for the actual gameplay, I had my residents take turns rolling giant dice to determine how many

spaces they would move. I used a little magnet to mark which space we were on. Once we landed on a space, I would read the music trivia question written on the back, have them answer it, then sing the song.

This could be adapted for any ages or cognitive engagement levels! What ideas do you have to adapt this game? And what other games have you adapted for use with your clients?

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