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CHANGE YOUR MOOD: Playlist Creation

Have you ever noticed that music can change your mood? There is a reason for that! Music is very intertwined with our emotions. That's why movie soundtracks really impact the overall feeling of a movie/scene.

There is a term in music therapy called the iso-principle. It is the concept of using music to change your emotional state. Keep reading to learn how you can do this with a playlist:

  1. Identify your current mood: how are you feeling?

  2. Select 1-2 songs that represent(s)/sound(s) like that current emotion.

  3. Identify your ideal mood: how do you want to feel?

  4. Select 1-2 song that represent(s)/sound(s) like your ideal mood.

  5. Select 3-4 songs that fall in the middle of those two emotions.

  6. Listen and feel your mood change with the music!

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