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FREE SESSION PLAN: Musical travel across the USA!

Population: Older adults // long term care // group settings

Goal areas: Improve reality orientation, cognitive recall and relaxation response

Session plan:

Missing out on opportunities for traveling and traditions or holidays are two common experiences for older adults. This intervention is a wonderful way to address this need, create a multisensory experience with opportunities to address a variety of goal areas!

Conversation starters

-What states have you been to in the USA?

-What is your preferred mode of transportation for traveling?

-How do you celebrate independence day?

Utilize the above YouTube video to "travel across the USA". While the video plays, the music therapist can facilitate any of the following interventions:

  1. Provide gentle, live, relaxation-focused music and prompts for breathing and regulation

  2. Play familiar, patriotic "sing along" style songs (think "This Land is Your Land," or "America the Beautiful")

  3. Encourage "fill in the blank," impromptu songwriting, with opportunities for clients to add words or ideas about the various sights they see


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