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Keynote Keepsake

As I have preached in past blog posts, this year has been a time for all of us to be especially mindful about our well-being, even when it is especially difficult. We understand many people are juggling their own challenges on top of supporting their loved ones (especially caregivers!).

Our team at Keynote has been consistently asking the question "how can we best support our community and clients this year?" One resource we are excited to share with you is our Keynote Keepsake. Although this isn't a new service for us, we are hoping that this resource could allow individuals to press "pause" on all of the noise as to let their own voice and ideas come to life (or to set up this opportunity for their loved one).

Some Frequently Asked Questions:


We understand that life is busy and many of us are worn thin. Let our team help you or your loved one create something lasting and meaningful (no musical skill required).

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