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Keynote stands with Black, Indigenous and People of Color

Street art in Minneapolis, MN

Artist anonymous

Like so many people in our community and beyond, our team at Keynote Music Therapy is feeling deep pain and the heavy weight of the racial disparities that are being called to society’s attention.

As music therapists, we acknowledge our unique role within the communities we serve. The concept of healing the body, mind, and soul through music and human connection is our mission. But we have been reminded that many systems, both within the field of music therapy as well as our own human experience are built to support racial injustices and white privilege.

To be able to optimally serve our clients, to hear their stories with open hearts and empathize through their musical backgrounds, we must step back and analyze the way we are contributing to these detrimental narratives. It is our responsibility to be therapists, but also fierce allies.

We commit to really listening to and highlighting the voices of Black, Indigenous, People of Color.

We commit to learning more about the history of the music we consume.

We commit to collaboration and accountability within our team, both now and in the future.

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