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Resources for you: Conversation Starters to connect with your loved one (Part 2!)

Can you believe that it is already JULY?! I don't know about you all, but the past few months have simultaneously felt like the quickest sprint but also the longest marathon. Despite many moments of joy, gratitude and truly feeling all of the emotions, I am still experiencing the weight of those suffering during these times.

One of those weights is knowing that many of our loved ones are still at risk for illness and are continuing to be isolated. I can imagine that many people are sorely missing many of the people and experiences that enrich their lives.

It is wonderful that we can be creative in using technology to reach out to those who may be feeling disconnected. Our team at Keynote has curated engaging conversation prompts for you to create meaningful moments while supporting your loved one over a phone call or video chat.


5 Conversation Starters for connecting with the older adults in your life

1. I'm feeling ______ today.

Can you think of one word that describes how you are feeling?

A brief check in gives them the space to express their emotions

2. What is your favorite meal of the day?

What foods make that meal special?

Converse about healthy coping techniques and ways they nourish their bodies

3. Who has been making you smile lately?

What have they done for you that is helpful?

Identifying social supports is crucial during a time of isolation

4. If you were able to travel anywhere, near or far, where would you want to be at this moment? What sights, smells or tastes would you experience?

Playfully engaging our senses is a mindfulness practice (and who wouldn't want to use their imagination to be on a beach in Bora Bora right now?!)

5. What activities would you do to stay cool during the hot

summer months when you were growing up?

Reminiscence has many benefits including processing life experiences, enhancing recall of memories and more

BONUS: Sing "Bicycle Built For Two" with them!

Daisy, Daisy Give me your answer true

I'm half crazy all for the love of you

It won't be a stylish marriage

I can't afford a carriage

But you'll look sweet, upon the seat

Of a bicycle built for two


Keynote YouTube Channel

Let our team guide you or your loved one through movement, reminiscence, relaxation and more! Videos updated weekly.

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