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Welcome, Michelle!

Michelle is a board-certified music therapist.  She attended University Wisconsin Eau Claire, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Music Therapy.  

Michelle has provided music therapy services for children as young as age 3, to clients of the young at heart up to the age of 104.  She has had the privilege of being a music therapist for 30 years! Most recently, Michelle worked as music therapist and wellness coordinator with memory care clients. 

Michelle always strives to key into the uniqueness and passions of each individual, to build positive connections through music therapy.  She enjoys the creative process to provide successful interventions to address non musical goals.  Michelle enjoys observing the positive response that the power of music brings in a music therapy session. Michelle also teaches piano lessons. 

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, scouting garage sales, and spending time with friends and family. 

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