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  • Kayla Shafer, Founder, Music Therapist

Love lyrics?

As a music therapy provider in the Twin Cities, Keynote wants to connect with you. It is important to us to develop positive rapport and a beneficial connection with our clients.

But it is also important to us to connect with you, the public, who may or may not ever engage in music therapy services.

Why? Because we are ambassadors in our field, constantly and tirelessly advocating for the research-based benefits of music therapy.

Through our new Keynote Lyric of the Day posts on our Facebook (@keynotemusictherapy), Instagram (@keynotemusictherapy), and Twitter (@keynotemn) accounts, you will be seeing some of our favorite lyrics paired with a question or prompt. Perhaps you will take a moment to consider, share with a friend, or search for the song and listen.

What is your favorite lyric? Share with us in the comments below and maybe you will see your lyric posted in a future Keynote Lyric of the Day post!

melody memory springsteen

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